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Chap. 30. ain Expofition :eon she Booke, of J O B. Veri.17. lent difeares; that theynot onlycorrode the flefb,but enter into the very betties ; my haslet are pierced.The worctproperly fignifies ltrengch, And becaufe bones are the ftrongeft pare of a man, (bones are to the body,asTimber rafters, polls and pillars to the houfe,the ftrength,ofit)therefore our bones and our firength are fignificantly expreffed by the fame, word. 7,6. fpeakes of his bones, co (hew thatthe ftrength of.his body was invaded and thaken, and by his bones, he intends his whole body in the belt ftrength of it ; which ( fome conceive ) he calleth hie bones for this reafon alfo, becaufe his body was ,fo walled and continued, that he had nothing left but hopes, or he was nothing, but, a, it were, a skoliton, or p4ck.cf6.;?4/.I- ecould fcaree lay, bis flefh was pierced, he having little or none to pietre. '74 ufeth the fame Elegancy in letting forth or aggravating, the exzreinity of his fufferings ( Chap.7. 15.) My forth chuleth death rather then life; we tranflate s but the Hebrew is, rather then my- boxes ; As if he had laid , I had rather die then live in a body wafted to skin and bones ; le is moreeligible.witieme to lay my.bones donne oto the grave,. then tohonre them up anddowne spon the 'e.c.artio I live. with a,cornpan ofbare bones , and it were better for toe. to die then to lino in the fldh and have none, or to live with con(uming pining dyingfie* Thus here, My bones ore pierced, my paines and for rowt havewormme to the bones. . Yet further and more particularly, when 74 fdtth My boner arepierced within me in the night feafon. There are loure things in the words of this complaint, which exceedingly tighten his forrowes, and might wel give him caufe to fay, that dryer ofof fig-lion:load takenholdupon *him,. , Firft In that he had not onlypaine inhis near, but inhis ye- Dolor grcvflh ry bones. When in Scripture, the bones are fpoken of as being in MU, QUI offa paine, it notes very great dolour and paine ; for as the bones lie penelrare diet, within the flefh, and are hard tocome at, or to be. reached by rue, pia ofa panic, lo they are very hard and may feeme impregnable againft interiora fant ita dora ut all paine: When therefore paine. pierceth the bOnes, it mull nitno morbo ref needs be a very (harpe and powerful! paine. Hence that grievous unt vídeantur._ ( pf.d. 31. Io.) Heare O Lord, have mercy upon true',fir Sand: my life le ffrent withgriefe,andmypareswith figloing:rnyftrength failethr becaufeofmine Iniquity, and »oy bones areconfirmed; that is, my forrow isno common forrow,'cis great and deepe, it pier- ceth .1111.11