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166 Chap. 3o. An Expofstiesa ripen the Rook of J o ts. Verf. 17. drought, and makefat thy home ; As if he had fayd, Feare not leanenes or walling of thy body with falling, for Godwill make fat thy bones,that is, he will comfort thee, and fill thee with Joy both of foible andbody. And when the Lord would exprell'e his greateft care overany one of his people,'tis laid .He kaepeth all leis hones, art one oftberre is broken, (Pfal.34.2o.) When all our bones praife cicd(as David Paidhis fnould,mfal.3 5_ i o.) andfey,Lord, who is like unto thee ! Ohowwel is it with us ? and when all our bones mourne beforeGod, who can tell how ill'tis with us? and hence thofe things which have the greateft efficacy in afll:&ìng and refreshing, or doe molt exquifateiy ffed the íenfe, whether with paineor pleafuse, are compared to oyle which piercerh the bones. There's the oyle ofgladneffe, (Pfd. 45. 7.) and there's the oyle of forrow, (2sfa1. too, i8.) As be Clotherb bimfelfe with curling, fa let it come upon him; let it come into his bowels like water, and likeogle into hi b nes : Thecurie foakes into the bones like oyle, not to fupple and ftrengehen them as oyle doth, but to vexe and torment them, asa curie cloth. The curie enters the bones like oyle, fecretlyand powerfully, but it works like it feife forrowfuliy and painefully. Secondly, To aggravate his affli&ion, fobBoth not fay this or that bone of mine wastierced, but my boats arepierced,thae all my bones. Haman have an ache in one of his bones, if he have but one broken bone, or but onebone out ofjoynt, he will find paine enough : but when all his bones are broken, he is no. thing but paine. lob laments that all hisbones were pierced, as if they had been but one bone. The original is more cleare to this fence, which may be thus rendered, Every one ofmybones are /ha en ; a verbe plural being ioyned with aNoune ungular, is di. ftributive to every one in particular, lobs fi.e(h was fo fmitten with foares,that his whole body looked like one continued foam; and his banes were fo univerfally pierced , as if indeed he had but one bone to be pierced. He hadnot the bone of a little toe or finger free. -473 17a Thirdly, 7 bdoth notfay, all his bones were perined,but they V: all Kebrærs were all pierced; tome read it, broken : the Seaventy render, ary export::', per bones are brim ; As ifbe had fayd, I feele a fire in my bones, frtc`ct, edeb. which fucks and dries up the moyilure and marrow of them. Thepiercing ofthe bones mutt needs be a mofe grievous paine; for