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Chap 30. efn Expofition upon the Book of J Ö L. Verf 57. 567 for though the bone it felfe bath no fenfe, yet the membranes and meflrs that are next the bones, areof amore exquifite fenfe, then the Hear in any part or member of the body. Therefore to pierce the bones, cannot but caule the grease@ bodily paine fuffe- rahleor imaginable. When the Apoftle would let forth the fad.. and fore troubles both of body and foule , which they who mill be rich draw upon rhemfelves he faith (r Tim. 6. io. ) They have pierced rhemfelves through with many f rrowes. Fourthly, When yob faith, My bones are pierced In the night feafn. There's another aggravation of his paine and griefe. Thefe words, in the night leafn, thew more then the long continuance ofhis paine, even the unceffantneffe of his paine. As if he had faid, The night which ufually givesrefrefhing to man, was fo farre from affordingme any , that then 1 was moft rr fbile. It hightens ouraffiiction, when it comes or Reyes upon us in that feafón which is appointed for repofe. Some can ffeepe away much of their paine and forrow, but yob had forrow in the night, in flead of kept. Sleepe is the belt medicine for wearines, it cor;gsatws Somnsas kb, our cares, and gives at leaft forne truce from the offaults of for- reni nedicus, row. The labour and travel! of the day weavesout , fpends and edornztor cura- wafts out i rength , but in the night we ref# , and recruit or re- 'wn indncis paire our ftrength againe. Now if the night be (pent in torte.- ao.nrxm, ring paines, how doth our ftrength 1pend ? to what a Condition is filch a poore foule brought, wholevery bones tike no refi in the night feafón l Here's a fourth aggravationor robs aft-Idiot); iFidi, it was in his bones ; Secondly, in all his bones ; Thirdly, it pierced his bones i and Fourthly, it was upon him in the night feafon; when others went to vei, he tooke none; His paints -, flayed upon him day and night. Thus the lamenting Prophet labours to keepe the forrows of the Captive )ewes awake ( Lam. 2.-58, a 9.) Let tearer run downe like a river dayand night, give thy felfe no reft let not the a;pleofthine eye ceafe , arife cry out in the night, in the beginning of the wasche; powre coos thine heart like waterbef re theface ofthe Lord. Further, \i bertas we fume to underftand that his paine was it,which pierced his bones, tome read it thus, He bath piercedmy, bones, that is, the Lord bath commanded theft dayes ofaffliRt on,