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Chap, 30. An expofision upon she Book of J ò E. Verf. 18. 172 j O B 30. Verf. 18, 19,1c). By the greatforce of my difeafe, ismy garment chan- ged: it bindeth me about as the collar of my coat. He bathca' me into the mire, and I ant become like duft and .afbes. I cry unto thee, and thou doefl not hear me : I(taut! up, and thou regardeft me not. TN the former verle 70b !hewed both the extremity' and un- 1 ceffantneffe of his ficknefte; Hie bones were pierced in the night jeafon,ardbit ¡:newt tookno refi.In this i8 hand in the r 9th verle, he further prosecutes the fame fad argument,adding that in the zorh which made it ye; more fad the retnedilefsnefs of it. /cry unto thee, and thou doefi not heart me: I fraud up, and thou regardeff me not. I am left forlorne to fluke or fwimme, it bootes me not to call for helpe, for I findenone, I am neither heard nor helped. Verf. 18. By thegreat force of my difeafe, i5 my garment chan- ged: itbindeth me about as the collar of my crate. Thofe words, my difeafe, are not expreft in the Hebrew, and therefore the text bath a twofold rendring by way of fùpply. Firft , Some referring it unto God, read the text thus; By the O ma di+ greatner ofthe force or power ( that is, of God in afflicting me) nnn vi g nhu (ca it mygarment changed ; And 'tis a truth, that althoughGod af- der, qoo newt. liftech his own people in meafure, and loth not !utter his whole rum exerit in difpleafure to arife againft them, yet he puts forth forte and me fligcLando., P'fc power in the:.ffliâingof his own people,as well as in deft eoying -' of the wicked, or his utter enemies. But fecund ly, weeand feveral l others, ( referring this effe& to his difeafe, which elfo was fromGod, as °ob acknowledged,and fo both readingsmeete its one fence) render, by thegreat forceof my difeafe, is mygarment changed. Difeafes are our weaknefres, and theyweaken us, yet they are of great -force or power and therefore force may wel be afcribed to them. Some difeafes ap peare but little, and worke [lowly, or lingrìngly ; other dfeales Z a rite