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17z Chap. 3o. n l xpo 'tion upon the Book! of J o B. Verf.18, rife: high worke fiercely , and appeare in power ; they have a power in them, an irrefritible power , they come, like an armed man, and then ( as 7b fpeakes ) by their great force, theymake táopar dret great changes. The force ofa difeafe bearer downe, yea bettes downe the force ofthe body, and cafteth it fill on the bed, and rr.e,b s anrern then into the grave ; Noman is able to ftand before the force of drfeafes. Mighty Gyants, even the mightieft Eons of Anake r°un, ujutft vies v f ern ei , nave beenoverthrowne by them, filch is their force ; They who inp,?nefen. have been too tfrongfor all men, may quickly metre with their 1 ?r " match, and feele a difeafe too thong for them. By thegreatforce ofmydifeafe ( faith lob ) ii my garment changed. As the difeafe had an effect upon his body ; fo his body had toeffeet uponhis garment. But is it not firange that yobunder a deadly difeafe fhould cornplaine about hisgarmentfAs if a man that bath received a Rabb with a dagger, or is thrtit through the body with a fword, fhould thinkerather ofthe hole that is made in his cone, then ofthe wound which is made in his flefh : yet thus yob fpeakes, By thegreat force ofmy difeafe, iof my garment changed ; He loth not fay mybode is weaned and changed, or I ambrought todeaths- doors but, mygarment is changed; yet while he f, Bakes of his garment, he í Banes more then his gar- ment, when he faith, My garment is changed, he intends the change of his whole body which wore that garment . only to thew how great a charge it wrought upon his body,he tells us of a change upon his very garment. At if he had Paid, The lores that areupon my body run continual,-y, and have changed not only my garment oof fl,(h, but thegarment which covers my f efb. O con- fider in what a pickle 1 am, wlio have fo vehement a difeafe broken cut uponmy b dy, thatyou may fee it in mygarment. ?edge, lpray, what a change nay pore body hathbuffered by the changeof my gar- ment. And his germent might be changed in a double refpact Firft , In re fpec` of the colour of it , lais garment was (as it !pre .vefiis mea Were) new died in he gore and filth that iffised from his nice- at om -oaf ?en rows forres it was-once a pure and faire garment, but then poi. inaluit darn fc: luted, and(as Come give the illuftration) his garment had put en replerur (anus another garment. His garment was covered over with that loath- °° fame urulent matter, which was digefted and flowed out of de,rente, f? ° tfrofe. Fjfc.