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Chap. 30. . An Expofition upon the Beoke of J o a. Verf. 18 173 thole bodes and botches with which Satan ( having obtained leave from God) [mote him from the foie of his foote unto his crowne, ( Chap. 2. 7. ) Secondly, Wee may take thefe words not as implying a Verb change upon his garment, but his change of garments. In which mtDta s fl thafóin, fence the word is ufed (t Kings 22.30.) where; king sn g o f If.- - rael laid unto febo/haphat, 1 Will difguife my felfe and enter into the batted s that is, I will change my'hobit, or put off that royals apparrel which I dually weare as a King, and puton fuch as íhall not fìgnifie who or what I am. A difguife is mofé ufually made by change of garments ; though we often change our gar.. ments, and not to difguife our felves. Now, when fob faith, By thegreat force ofmydifeafe, is my garment changed; bis mean- ing maybe this; el'fy difeafe is fo : ffenfive Loth to my felfe and others, that I am forced to fbift or clo,mge my garments often. Change of Garments is a refrefhing to thebody , but to be ne- cefíitated co change our garments, that we may keepe our felves fweet and cleane is a figueof anoyfomely difeafed and putrefied body. Surely in this fence rb had caufe enough to fay, By the great force ofmy difeafe, is my garment changed. Hence take two Cautions. Firft, Boaff not of your bodily ffrength' or force. There is no ftandingbefore the face ofa difeafe. As the men of SamariaPaid concerning 7eiau ( 2 Kings ro. 4 ) Behold two kings flood not be- fore him, bow then can rvefiord ? Thus any man mats fan concern- ingany ftrong fickntffe or difeafe, behold no king no man of might was ever able co Randbefore it how then canI ? Lac not the ftrong mars boaft of his ífrergth for as bodyly fttength is a thing : f fo low a forme, that it is not worth the boafting in, how long fo ever itcontinueth in its belt perfection, fo it is a thing of no long cnrtinuance : Though a ma- s bight be as the Cedars ofLebanon, and his ftrer gth as the Oakes of Balhan, yet the force of adifeafe will pull him dowse, or route him up ; And as it maydoe fo to any ftrong man, fo ufually it doch fo to, thefe fooneft who troll in. or boaft oftheir ftrength. Secondly , Boafi not ofyour garments : Sa not proud of 'your apparrell, God can fend you a fare that Mail change the colour and Raine the beauty ofthem let them whochange their gar- , meats often in wantonneffe and delicacy, or for. rain oftentati- ost 1