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Chap. 3o tin Exp,fttiort upon the Boob, of j to' a. Vert. t. it not of them. Thus it imports a declined or defpicable condition good amp'rtt among men. As Gideon (7ndg. 6. 15. ) Oh my-Lord, where- dinetn, at than with (ball Ifave 1%rael ? behold myfamily is pore (or as the Mir- [stern gin bath it, My Thou and N the meant in Mana ele and 1am tt,m de: tat; g y l ) . , aprRrlws fe,' the leaf in my fatbens tidufe. So (Mic. 5. z.) But thou Petiole- lasiur et a- hemEphrata, though rhos be little among the thoosfands of yudah, Àaeo'at+ red. yet, &C. d:r Roar. 9. Secondly , It notes finall in number,or a few, and fo the word bier. put alone, without the - addition ofOle word dales, oryeares, fig_ nifies one that is young, or younger then fouie others to whom the relation is made. When. Lot went eep cut of Z.,ar and dwelt ina C'eve, he and ki rvo daughters, the firft born (.aid ,srto the younger, Ourfather ie old, &C. ( 91 ,1, 19. 3o, 31.) And fo the word is uled againe in ?ofephsaddref e to his aged father,with his two Ions for a bletiing, ( Gen. 48. 14. ) And Ifrael f -retched out his right hand, and laid it Capon Ephraimes head, whoWAS the younger, or the Ief.r. In both these Scriptures, the word oldie Text is pet alone to fignitie the younger, without any exprcfie mention of time or dades. From there feverall renderings of the word; arife feverall read- Minim?. Sept; ings of the Text ; O=re faith, The haft.; another, The loweff luh- " r,u g i , i gfaiÎ Breves A.third, They,that are ¡dart -fme in dales ;. A fourth, They that pramediebas arefmall to me in ¿ayes, have me inderifion. It is cuRffioned by Aq'?'g. Parvi fome, whether lob by chafe that were, or whom he calls yzun;er átra tet+r ie,d then himfelfe, meant nothis oppofing friends, elpecially Zopbar D b a>r an and Bilda! who are conceived to have beenyounger then r- -b, ,,;;cos rift[ at and whom he had often charged with mocking him. But,furely, jun ores. Bod. tobhad better thoughts of his friends (though much offended; with them) then the words ofthis Text will beare ; Their fa- Certeqo& fe- there doubt lefs, were not fuch as lob wouldhave difdaìned to have q'":tntur rlon honorotú fitwith the d gs ofhis flocke ; They were n't men fortedby wan, nen compeutntr andfamine, To cut up Mallows by the baßses, and juniper rooter- Scut. for their meate ; Theydidnot fire into the wildernefe, muìi leye were they.driven from among men; They were no fioles, nor were they children offooles: ?ohs Friend: were wife and godly nln,, though quite out and mift.iken in their judgment about him :. they were men of credit and honour in their Country, and therefore thetiefcription ofehe men who derided lob will no way fit them.. So