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$ Chap. 3o. An Expofftion open the Book! of Jo B. Veda, So then, by theyoeenger here fpoken of, we are tounderftan4 fonseothers that had todoe, or dealt with lob thusdefpightfully, as he fpake in his complaint ( Chap. 19. i8.) Yea,y eeng children desejíi/ed me ; I aro(e, and they fpake agaie fi me: So here, They that areyounger then I (though poflibly men in yeares Have me inderifion. The word wasrendred, lsugbed, at verfe of the fors- mer chapter ; If I laughed on them, they beleeved rt not : There the reader may find, the feverall lign,fic:tions of it ; The Ge- neral) fence of that verfe and this, hand diretily oppofite; That (hewed 7.b a man of fetch honour among the people, that though he langhedor was merry with them, yet they maintained the fame refpeti to him; and would not laugh out with him, or in teen )oeanrur hisprefence. But this verle fhewes, that the vileft of men, did ax: ixaunr me- Qunt not only take the boldneffe to be familiar or laugh with him, but curt, »a i,yNe irri had the impudence to laugh at him , as the word in this con- ex,tpixnr me ftru&ion frgnifies. He dott: not fay, they were merry withme, hoc jpiitÜ frg. but, They have made them/elves merry with me, theyd d not (port n'j7 t, `ivanae with me, but made me their fport. To be deridcd,ismote grie- ''Nm U con" vous then tobe reproached,forrow never gets fo clofe,nor ftrikes Amnia, rider¢ to dee e as when we fee and heare others rejajcing and jeering autem et jocari P , viamio ron;i,77 ( both thole altsenter into thecompetition of derifton) at our tturcum 1721 lerrowes; This was 7 bs harden above and betides all that he Meic. Dud. bare before ; They ( faithhe) ,1.t areyounger then I, haveme in derifion. New piOnfitt TheSeptuagint render, yeunf- ones reproved or adenonilked me, me minaret as if he had laid ; Now they that are younger then I, taste upon temgare. Sept. Augut. them to teach, yea to cheo*o, and admanifbme. And well might Graveeft fete" ?ob put this among his afflictions ; Seeing it cannot but be bur- 9N7 mstigo an. denfome to ancient men,who have long and often counfclled and tea co amore diresled others, to fee young upftarts, and green heads prelu- fecit, a jxfiori- ming to teach and dire them. This isa truth, but theOrigi- bxt artrnonnt nail Text will not beare that Tra,.flation, our own is full and 4.fec° clef's-¢. Rat non they that are,ennger :ben I, have me in derifion. Hence