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Chap. 3o. An Expofîtion upon the Beoke of Jo B. Verf. I. 9 Hence obferve, Firft , The belt e f ablilhed eftate ofman in this world, is fubjeït to changes up and down, forward and backward is our lot in this life. What a aft difference is there ( as was toucht before) in the face and complexion of this and the former Chapter? ° fis not Katie to beleeve they fhould both concern the fame man ; prin- ces arechiefes among men ; all men are ready to powre honours upon them, and tome, flatteries; yet as the Ptalnaift bath it (Tfah 107. o. ) He ( chat is God) powreth contempt upon Princes ; A nd that may be the lot of goodPrinces, as well asof bad ones; So it was with lob, and he acknowledgeth it was God who fuffered, yea, ordered that contempt to fall upon him ; and fo abafed him, in the eyesof that people, by whom he had been fo highly honoured. The Apoftle (I Cor. 7. 3 r.) gives the reafonwhy Saints thould liveat a diftance,and keep their diflance from worldly things, Morning about them, as if they mourned not, rejoicing about them, as ifthey rejoyced soot, and ufing them, a not abufing them, becaufe, thefafhion of the world pafeth away; the world cannot keepe fafhon with any man long; Nor need we wonder that it doth not : for feeing heaven andearth, which are as (I may fay) the foundation, and the roofe ofthat great houle, which God bath built ( the world is but a great boule for man todwell in, feeing (I fay) thefe two, theHeaven and the Earth) ;'afe away, and are changed, how thould we imagine that any fate, or thing, under Heaven is free from changes : (Pfal. Ioz z5, z6.) Of old haft thou laid thefoundation ofthe Earth, and the Heavens are the work! ofthine hands, they fhallpe- ri$, but thou !halt endure, yea all ofthem Adwax old like a Gar- ment, as a veftenre (halt thou change tbem,and they¡hallbe changed, but thou art thefame,and thineyeares ¡hall baveno end; The Hea- ven,and the Earth containeand uphold all things; Now, if thefe are changed as agarment, much more are all - things between thefe,fubjc oft to continual! dicifitudes andchanges(Ifa.4o.6 ) All fe¡h irgrufe,and all begoodlinefe thereof,as theflower'of thefield; shegrafe withereth, the flowerfadeth, but the wordofour God ¡hall Randfor ever; nothingabides but God and his word: is there a. C ny