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Chap. 30 An &xpofttion upon the' Bookof J ò a. Verf. I. cuts deepely: Secondly, To be derided by wife men (fuch were yobs friends) that's more cutting. Thirdly, (as here in the Text) to be derided by young men, by perlons much below us, is another cuttingcircumftance of our reproach. When E'lifha went up unto Eethel, as be waagoing up ty the way ( faith that Scripture ). there cameforth little children out of the City, and mocked him, andlaidunto him, goettp thoubald-head ; This pro- voked the holy Prophet to the quick, fo that ( not in a paflìon, but ferious deliberation) he curled them in the name of the L.rd, j z King. 2.23,24. ) young men,not only by the LawofGod, but of nature,andof nations,ought togive refpeet to the ancient;. To feeall thefe !awes broken at once upon us, cannot but be a heart-affecting, ifnot a heart - breaking aftli&ion. Seventhly, lob complaints ofthis uncomely carriage,not only asit was an afiction tohim, but as it was a wickedneffe in them.. Hence Note ; owl sk a wicked fjdrit. A dull fpirit is farrebetter, then a deriding fpirit. 'Tic better to be afoie, then aPieter They in the firft 'Pjalme, who fate down in the chaire ofthe (corner, were afcended to the bight ft f}ep or top ofwickedneffe. cítifea are bad to the artmoji, when once theyderide thegood, or their betters ; and yet I can farce de. termine which is worft, toderide the bad, or the good,feeing the condition ofthe one, calls for pity and compaiTionat our hands, as fart and as loudly as the condition of the other calls for refpeet and honour. The Apoftle prophecieth ofageneration of [cor- ners, as the dreggs ofmankinde, in the dreggs oftime. (2 Per. 3. 3. 7.) Knowing this,that there /hall come in the left dsyes fooff rs, walking after their own lefts ; They throw cffthe Law, and walk . by their lofts, who fcoffe either at the word of God,at the wayes ofgood men, or at the wickedneffe of thofe who are bad. Eighrhly, Note ; e/d.c it isfinfull toderide any, fo it is more fnftall to deride the aged,and ttufPanful to deride the aged,when they are in mifcry.. Both thefe were complicated in lob, he was an ancient man, and