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li rCs Chap.3o. An Expofrtion upon the Boobs of Jo a. Verf. t and an aflfted man; to deride a young man, in his profperity is a fin, but toderide an old man in mifery, is (who can tell how) many finns, it is wofull to be in mifery, but woe to them, who deride the miferable. Ninthly, feb was nor onlyan aged, and an afflifted man, but he was agood anda godly man,and that made the fin yet worfe, and the more exceeding finfull. Laftly, From the perlons deriding, they were young men. Note ; Youth is very apt to evill, young men are ready to abufe them- /elves andGibers. As young twos counfels are dangerous, (jeroboam loft ten Tribesby following them) fo young mens affeftions, are boy- fterous and unruly, pailexhorts Timothy toji'y youthfull lu/fs, old age bath its lufts, no age, b.;t there is a lust that belongs to it; but youth bath more lulls haunting it,rben anyage ofman. It is a great argument of the power ofgrace, when grace fubdues loft in young men; To fee young men converted to God, and godly inconverlation; To fee young men fubjeft to the Scepter of aria, and mortifying their corruptions; To fee young men ferving the Lord, andhonouring his fervants in their affli tions, this fhewes the mighty powerof grace fubduing loft, which is ready toget into the throne, and atonce to rule and reline all. Paulgives this counfelto his fon Timothy, Let no man de/pile thy youth:young men,had need take care to keep themfelves from be- ing defpifed, and youngmen have as much need to be councelled yea admonifbt not to defpife others, efpecially the ancient. By bowmuch men ofany age, are more obnoxiousto any loft, by fo muchthe more fhould they be both awakened, and watch- ful! againft it.Tbey that areyounger then d, have me in derifion. Whofefathers Iwouldhavedifdained, to have let with thedogs ofmy flocke. As 7,1er deriders were young men, or men inferiour to him in age, fo they weremeane men in degree, fuch they were ('faith he ) iy>iofe