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Chap. 30 An Expofition upon the Bookof J O a. Vert, 2. 23 J O B 3o. Verf. 2, 3. Tea, wheretomight theftrength of their hands profit me, inwhomold age was perifbed For want and famine they werefolitary , fleeing in- to the.wilderneffë, in former time defolate and wafle. o B proceeds to give a further Charaâer of his deriders, J about whom 'cis queftioned ( and that queilion reaches the whole Context) whether that which is fpoken at this 2d verle, and fo onn to theend of the i 0th verfe, be applicable to the young men, or to theirfathers. Interpreters vary in their opini- ons concerning this query ; Some referring this whole difcourfe to the fathers of thofe young men ; others applying it to the young men themfelves , and that ?ob faith no moreof their fa- thers, but what we had Paid at the firft verfe , whole fathers 1 would have difdained to let with the dogs of myflick I conceive that the matter here fpokenof may be referred to, either, for as we fay, like will to like, fo, like is of like, the Chil- dren ufually beare the Image and fuperfcriptionof their fats ers, not only as to their naturally in feature and conftiru:ion, to their morals alto in Q.Lialities and conditions. And as to ?obs fcope, it is very indifferent whether we uridertt.nd this ehfcrip tion of the fathers, or oftheir Ions, or whether we make appli+ cation of it ro them both. His-purpofe in the whole beingonly to Phew, that his deriders were a very courfe and an unworthy fort ofpeople. Verf: 2. Andwhereto might the flrength of their hands profit me. á In thofe words 706 feemes to give a reafon, why he did not judge thofe fathers ofthe young men, whoderided him, worthy of the meaneft Employment; we may refolve it into their utter inability todoe Him any confiderable fervice : and ifwe referre the words to thejowl men, they carry the fame force of a rea- fm too. Whereto