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Chap. 3o. fin Expofttion upen the Book! of J o a. Verf. z: Whereto might thefirengtboftheir bands profit me ? on v ro The Hebrew word rendred flrength,fignifies either the faculty Virtu; manu- and power ofacing and doing,or the at done. We may render um, i e. aeendi the words aridly , thus ; Whereto is thefirength of their hands to faculta;, alb°, ne; ipfa vires me ? for what, or to what is their ftrength ufefull ? whatloth dr rober. the ftrength of their hands ferve for? what's the benefitof it .Quorum virtus Which ifwe underftand as fpoken of the young men, then the maneum mihi words teem to carry this fente; they whoderided me were ftrong *rat nihilo, enough, able enough for battles, as to the Bulke oftheir bodves, but they were foIdle, fo vain, that I could have no benefit by them : Whereto did thefirengthof their hands profit me ? Thefe men had ftrength ofhands , and yet were unprofitable drones, good for nothing ;. like the ('retians, who as the Apoftle de- fcribesout oftheir own Poet ( Tit. I. 12. ) were Evil beáfis, few gelyes. Hence obferve, firft, Thefirengtb ofmans hand, or the Power ofworking is gi- ven to profit withall. Our naturali ftrength fhould be improved for advantage, firft to our felves, fecondly, to others, whether thofe others are private relations within our ownwalls, or more pu`-ilique, nati- ons or perfons t every power or ability ofthe minde, as alto bo- dily ftrength is a talent received fromGod, and mutt be accoun- ted for. The ftrengthofthe hand is not to be hid in a napkin, nor to be put under ground, but tobe traded with, to tome good encreafe. Some have ftrength enough, yet no good comes in by it either to themfelves or others. The Apoftle fpeaking of the various gifts ofGod in the Church , faith (a Cor. 4.5. ó, 7, ) There are diverfttiesofgifts, but the fame Spirit ; And there are differences of adminifiration, but thefame Lord, and there are di- verPities ofoperations, but it ie the fame God, which worketh all in all ; And then adds, But the manifefiation of the Spirit is gives to every one toprofit witball. Now as every man who hath recei- ved the manifeftationofthe Spirit, hath received it to this end, for profit to the Church ofGod ; fo our portion ofbodily gifts is