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Chap. 3.0. An Expofition upon the Boeke of j o B. Vert, 3, 37 Thirdly, Others are folitary, abandoning the company of men for feare of their cruelty ., a man may as well convene with fo many Beares, Lions, and Tigers, as with tome men. And thus many ofthe belt of Saints have been folitary (Heb. i r, 36, 37.) Tbey wandered about in¡beepsltins and in goat- skins, &c. in de- forts and mountaines, in'dens and caves ofthe earth They were . folitary, to avoyd the cruelty breathed againft them by merci- leffe perfccuters. Fourthly , Thereare many folitary , abandoning the com- pany ofmen for feare of their Juftice : And thefe are of two forts; Fait, Malefaftors that run from the Magiftrate to avoyd the dint and ftroake of his (word, or left he fhould punifh them for their evill deeds. The thiefe, the murderer flees for it and hides himfelfe, if one know or fee this fort of men, they are ( ?ob fpeakes, Chap. 24. 17.) is the terreurs of the nadocv of death. Secondly Debtors, when they know not which wayto anfwer their Creditors, or paywhat they owe, flee and live foli- tary, left the Law fhould take hold of them. Fifthly Not a feware folitary and abandon the mmpany,. of being afham'd to be feene amongmen ; fotne are fo nought and have run filch lewd courfes, that they cannot but blufh to be feene of any to whom they are knowiae. Others, Whofe vanity and prodigality hath cloathed them with rags, willneeds live felitary, and put of fight, becaufe they cannot make a fairer Phew in the flefh, nor anfwer the equipage oftheir old acquaintance. Thus fome being afhan.ed of their wicked neffe and villany, others being afhsmed of their want and po- verty, will needs retire out of the view of the world, and live folitary. They arepoore and proud too they have high fpirits in their lowRate, and fo are at once ready to flarve for want, and afhamed to rsake their wants knowne, or to aske reliefe ; they had ratherdye in a Corner, then goe for an Aimes. Poffi blyThe men in the Text withdrew from men, becaule their fpi. tits were too high for their eftates. For want and famine they wore folitary. Hence note ; ,4*wicked man is ajhamed ofhie 4;6-lion, sr ofhis crofe. A godly man made poore by thehand ofGod, is not aflaamed of