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3B Chap. 30. An Expofition upon the Book of Jo a. Verf. 3, of his poverty, nor doth he hide himfelfe from men (how much foever he is afit`ted) as afharned of his afHiciions. But they who delire to make a faire Phew in the Flefh, had rather not be teen ofmen, then not be ken in Tome kindeof pompe and faire thew. This is a truth, yet I conceive, that the fourth caufe of folitarineffe here fpecified,wasrather the caufe why thefe men were folitary, efpecially confidering that at the 5:h verfe of this Chapter, 'cis faid, They were driven forth from among men, and cried after as a thiefe. The offencesof thefe men made them ob. noxious to the (wordofJuffice, and therefore they ran into fo- litary places to flicker themfelves. Whence note; efts there is a terror of God, fo 4 terror the Magi- ftrate uponevill doers. When they have chine evill, they doe not thinl a good to nand towhat they have done. But you (hall have them (as it followes in the latter part of the verle) leaving El eic houles, taking their heeler, and Fleeing into the wildernefs informer timedefolate waft ; 'S siccitas, The word tranflatedwilderneffe, lignifies dry, or a dry place; fccorn, Jima and the very people dwelling in loch places are expreffed by it, aridur loco . (mfal. 72. 9. Tfal.74. r4.) The people that Inhabit the mil- Fluio Crs ,(sl,'tudrraicola. dernef: arecalled Tffjm. Mr Broughton tranflates here, They fie into the unwatered Land , or into the Land where there is no water ; So David explainer it (P¡al. 63. r.) In a dry and tbirfi_y Land, where no water is. Awilderneffe is ufu..ily a dry Land, an unwatered Land. The Ifraelites fizffered much thir(l in the wilderneffe. So that to flee into the wilderneffe,is ro flee into any barren or fruitleffe place. The Church (.Revel. 12.. 14.) had two wings of a great eagle fivers her that fhe might flee into the rrildernefs. Thepeople ofGod flic into the wildernels, and the wicked flit into the wilderneffe; here's a flying on both fides, andboth into a wilderneffe. Hence note ; In regard of teettaard difpenfations, itfalls alike toall. Wicked