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Chap. 3o An Expofstion upon ,the Book of J o a. Verf. 3. 39 Wicked men flit, and the Church flies into the wilderneffe and havewe not feen thoufandsof them flee out ofthis Illation into the waft howling wilderneffe ? The Church or people of God flee into the wilderneffe, becaufe the world is unworthyof them (Heb. 11.38.) Wicked men, or evill doers, floe into the wilderneffe, becaufe they are unworthy ofthe world. The pro- feffion of truth or the prat`$ ice of holiness fends the people of God into the wilderneffe, becaufe the world is not fo good as to beare them in eyther; prophanenefs and finfull practices drive the wicked into thewilderneffe, becaufe the world is not fo bad . as tobeare them altogether in either. Fleeing into the wilderneffe in former time. ( We put in the margin (yefter-night ) defolate andwaft. ) The word rendred former time, fignifieth either yefter night or yeller-day. (lien. 31. 29.) The God of your fathers fpake unto nee.ysfter-night. (2 Rings 9.26. ) Surely I hatefeen 1efßer day the bloodof Naboth We tranflate by former time, indefi- nitely, yet Some take former time moreflriCtly, for lately, very lately ;tptntcommi- ye.fterday,or the former time, takes in all time part ; as to morrow n , igniJicat takes in all time to come , yet we are here to take it more nar- d noEtem ( diem esters rowly, yefier-day, for lately; and then the fence runs thus, If saw, P , thefe men havegot any thing now about thetn , or are better houfed, yet 'tis not long fence 'twas bad enough with them. They were lately in a very low, obfcure, and folitary condition,. it was but lately, as it were but yefterday, that they were forced tohide their heads in a dolefull defolate wilderneffe ; They were defolate in their condition, and fo was the place to which they. fled, for a habitation. Fleeing into the wilderneffe in former-time defolate and wa¡l That is, having no inhabitant, or where no man dwelt : we reade in Scripture ofdefolate perfons, as well asdefolate places. It