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Chap. 30. An Expofition upon the Bolo, of J o a. Vero. 5; banifhment is a civil Excommunication, fo Excommunication is a fpì.rituall banifhm;nt ; Magiftrates mutt drive malefa&ors out of civil focieties, and theChurches mutt drive them out of their fpirituall focieties. The godly mutt come out from the world, they mutt befeparated and touch no unclean thing, when they will gather into a Church, the houfe of God; and, when they are gathered, if they find the world., that is, cell men a mong them , they mutt drive them out. They who are unfit for civil! converfe, are much more unfit for fpiri :uail commit, Mon. Secondly, Note; Tobe driven forth from the company ofmen, laeue ofthe grea- tefl purt,!h,00ents that can be inflitled upon man. lob defcrihes the mifery ofthofemen, as. well as their wicked nef e ; Cain complaints ofthis, as his greaten burden, (Gen. 4.. 1 . ) Beheld th u haft,driven me out thisday from theface, of the earth, andfrom thyface ¡hall Ibe hid, and I(hall be afugitive, and a vwgabmd in the earth. This was his cut, Thou haft driven me from theface of the earth, that is, from the face of men dwel- lingupon the earth, this was a great cut, yet a worfèr follows, Thou haft driven me from thy face, that is, from Church- fociety, and ordinances, which the Scripturecalls the face of God. How heavily did David take it, that he was thus drivenout, (e Sam. 26. 19, ) Now therefore, Ipray thee, ( laid he toSaul) let my Lord the Xingksare the words ofhisfervant: if the Lord bath ¡lu- red e hre up agairff me, let him accept an offering : but if they be the Children of men, Curled be they before the Lord : for theyhave drivenmeout this day from abiding in the inheritance ofthe Lord, faying,geeferve other gods. Davidwas as a banifhedman at that time, and having got Saul at an advantage , he tells himof his condition, Curled be thefe wicked menbefore the Lord, for.they have driven meout, ('cis the word ofthe Text, they have driven me out ) from abiding in the inheritance ofthe Lord, that is, in ?u' dea, the Land which the Lord ownes for his, above all. Lands, as his peculiar inheritance. They have driven me out from the Lords land, this was his great aftliáion ; for in fodoing they bid him geeand ferve othergods. But