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Chap. 3o. An Expo/ftion upon the Bootie of Jo a. Verf. 7. 6r fhift ; when God fummoned him, he was afraid and hid him- felfe ; even Adam was braying among the bufhes,(as I may fay) after be had finned ; fin putteth us upon poore helper to hide our (elves fromGod, and from man too. Secondly note ; Sinful! man becomes foclifb. He hides himfelfe with that which cannot conceale him, and filchers himfelfe with that which cannot defend him. Theft made hard (hilt for their food, and no better for their fhelter ;. And as this is true in reference to bodyly hiding and fheltring, fo much more in reference to fpirituall : Sinners will hide them- [elves with that which cannotbide them. (¡fa 3®. i.) Wee to the rebellious CAildren that cover with a covering, but not of my Spirit, that they may addefin tofin. This is tohide our felves a- mong nettles, what pittifull worke doe men make to cover their guilt frommeu, and farre worfe tohide it from God. All the denial's, pleas, or acmeswhich [inners make, arebut a gathering of themfelves under bufheti and nettles. And what are bufhes and nettles ? Bathes are but fcratchirg throbs, and Nettles are but !tinging weeds, yet under the(e they gather themfelves for fuccour. Thirdly Hence note Howfilly are (inners, who hide themfelves not only under that which cannot hide them, but will hurt them , or be no better then a nettle tofling them, and a bulb to fcratch them,. All the curtains and coverings that men make to (hallow and conceale their fins, without Chri(t, are but as fo manynettles, which will norcover but flingthem, yea fling them worfe then nettles ; nettles fling the flelb only, but thefe will fling the heat and confeience ; ftnner%will find all that they hide fin with, even their gi'ts, and pacts, ( while out ofChrift ) much more falle, though faire pretences and carnal' reafonings but a bulb of thornes and brvars to teare and rend them, or a bank of nettles so vex and fmart them. Lay all thefe things together; I'irf, The foodof chafe men, which