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Chap. 3o. An Expt!ition upon the Books of J o a. Verf. 7. to be content, he knew how to be full and tobe hungry, how to abound and fuller want ; that's the learning and lcffon of Saints in Chrifis Schooleof afliietion, They are often driven into a wilderneffe, theyaa thruft out am ling the bufhes, yet they doe not bray, but rejoyce there for Chritts fake, in a good caufe, and for a good confcience ; Paul and Silas fang, they did not rage, and rade in the flocks ; Saints are often brought into a brake,or among the bufhes,and they can fing there,while the wieneffeof the Spirit with their fpirit makes them muficke ; but as often as the wicked are among the bufhes, they bray there both becaufe the trouble pinches them much, and their confciences more. Vnder the nettles they were gatbered together. e15°11 !ant quï I need not tell you what the nettle is ; The word fo tranflated eo..eeern irate(- fignifieth any thing that is flinging or pricking. Voider the net- pretantur (-7 ties they weregathered ( or jeymed) together: Mi'. Broughton ren_ recenfenr inter ers d Zander the nettles they warted or were flung, as another decem genera + lhe y i fp:narum. reades, which is proper to a nettle : we may put both together, D uG they gathered themfelves under the nettles, and there theywere Sob urtica pen flung, fo flung that (as fome expreffe it) they became fcabbcd. gebantur i. e. arebantur, nlee The flinging of a nettle makes pimples, and a kind of fcab upon ttt puJfi (9. the flrfh ; Ad this Pets forth their miferable condition, they abfeeffus ex or- brayed under the bufhes, and under the nettles they were flung. ticarum conta. Why went they among the-bufbes, and nettles ? They hoped ïtu exorirentur none would feeke them there, or if they did, that they fbould Jar!: yid. ram not find them; a man that is driven out feares that every man sat. in locum Y be meets is an eñcmy to flay him, or an officer to attach him, and therefore he runs to covert like a favage beaft, and hides himfelfe among the bufhes and nettles. Hence note ; They that have an evill confcience, are all for biding, they love and hope to be hidden. They whoare drivenfrom amongmen,would be hidden from men, bufhes and nettles are their beft flicker, who want the Shelter ofa good confcience. Adam having finned, ran prefent- ly among the bullies, there was the beginning of this pitiful! fhift;