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Chap. 30. An Expofttion upon the Backe of J o E. Verf. 8. Secondly, fuch ashave but a little wit, or are but thinly furnifht in their Intelleauals,fuch ashave not an underftanding fumble to their undertakings. Secondly , In Scripture that man is called a look, not only who wants underftanding,but who wants honefly and Integrity; not only is he aPoole who bath little or no wit to chufehis way, buthe who makes little or no confcienceof his wayes. Such I conceive ?ob intends in the prefent text, they were not Children offuch books as wanted underftanding, or had no underftand- íng, but they were Children of Inch fooles as %/ant honefty in theira&ions, and confcience in their dealings. Againe, Far the opening of this denomination, Children of fades, we may expound it by an Hebraifme, not as refpec`ting their parents fromwhom they defaended, but themfelves, they were books themfelves, what ever their parents were. Children offooles, are fooles ; fo frequently in Scripture, (`P, al. 4 a. ) 0ye fans ofmen, that is, Oye men bow long will ye turne my glory intoJhame. ThePfalmift having fummon'd all at once to attenti- on, Hears this all ye people,give eareallye inhabitants ofthe earth, (TX. 49. t.) prefently puts them into this divifion (vez. ) Both low and high ; the Hebrew is, Sons ofmen, and fans of men, Etizm p?ij ha- that is, men in high place,and men in low place, as the exigence minor Mont. ft. g P +. P . g lï viri. of the Text makes the difference between the two original! Filj Jtultoru,n words, Adamand IJh, fignifying man. So ( Ifa. i. 8. ) Dough 6' ignobilium, ter of Sion, that is, Sion; and (Pfal. 137 . Daughter of Ba- ijdem fair qaí bylon, that is, Babylon; and ere. 6.2 Daughter o - f bile'. i6no ( 4 4) g f gyP f Sanft: that is, Egypt. Thus here they were Children offeeler, that is, they were very fooles. Thegeneral! fenfe of the Text fates to both Interpretations, either that their parents were fooles, or that they were Inch : Now both or eitherof thefe being fooles of the fecond fort, fuch at, wanted honefty and goodnefl-e. Obferve ; e. 1 wicked man is 'bit a fools. The Scripture calls them fo more then once , efpecially in the Bookofwife Solo,000nsProverbs. The whole bodyof the Jewes was called a foolifh people and unwife, becaufe they were a fin- fu 65