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66 Chap.3o, .21n Expofiticn urn tke Book of J B. Verf.8 full people, ( Dent. 32. 6.) Such ufually 3udgeall others fooles, becaufe they walke not in their pathes, nor run with them into the fame excefle ofriot, they thinke others have hot fo much underflanding as they, and therefore doe not what they doe, whereas the true reafon is, not becaufe they have leffe under. [landing, but becaufe they have more Confcience then they. To feare God is mans wifdome, and to depart from evill is his underflanding ; what wifdome or under/landinghave they,who neither feare God, nor depart from evill ? The ungodly man is. a Poole. Firft, Becaufe he knowes not what is good and right in it felfe. Secondly , Becaufe ifhe know it, yet he will not doe it , and that makeshim a foole much more. 'Tis folly enough net to know what is right, but toknow what is right and not todoe it, is the height offolly. Thirdly, He is a book, becaufe he knowes not what is good for himfelfe, yea he tniftakes fo extreamly wide in that point,that what he thinks good for himfelfe, is not only bad but wort[ for. himfelfe. He is ready to conclude, he doth bell for himfelfe when he loth that which is right inhis own eyes,though he neg- lecats orrefufeth to doe what is right in Gods eyes, nor can he be perfwaded, but that is bell for himfelfe, which is fo in his own eyes, till both his fight and feeling tell him the contrary. David faith both of and to the wicked man, ( Pfd. 49. 18.) Though whiles be lived he blued hisfoule, and men will Drai/e thee when . thou well to thy felfe ; that is, (as I conceive) though a worldling have a high opinionofhis wages and workes, and pre- fumes he bath done very wifelyr for his faille as well as for his body ; and though fluttererswill commend him highly whenhe pampers andprovides for himfelfe,and makes much ofhimfelfe, living in pleafure, and taking the crearne of the creature, ( this, in the account ofcarnal men, is for a man to doe well to him- felfe, as they faid ('P al. 4.6.) who willJhew us any good ? that is, anygood cheare, plentyof corne and wine, as the next words inDavid, choice, explain it ; Now, I fay, though others or a mans felfe íhall thinke he hath done beft, and therefore moil wifely for himfelfe in running fuch a courfe as this) yet fuch a manhath donevery ill, and therefore very unwifely, indeed like a