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I To the Chriíflan Reader. ourflrength, andinwhofe handout times,with all the changes of them unchangeablyare) yet 'tis matter offamefatisfaCiton to myfel fe , and r.y, I hope, befo to others, that 14111 come to this Signal end, though not to the Totali endof any works, or that Iam come to the endof that part whichJob acicd, thoughnot to the end of all theparts aó/ed inthis Boole. What's done inninefeverall pieces uponone and thirty Chapters, makes up a compleate piece or afullNarrative(the text isfo) ofthatgreat and folernne tranfaRion between Job and his three Friends, Eliphaz, Bildad andZophar : The two former having chargedhim thrice,and the thirdtwice,andJob having asoften anfwe- redeachofthemfeverally,and allofthemjoynt- ly in a long defenfative, containing five Chap- ters through-out, they allfate dowse inpence. Jobs threefriendsfpa%emot a wordmore,though fomewbat more be fpolZen ofthem. And though Job fpal{e once or twice more, yet not oneword more inway ofoppoftionagainfi hisfriends, no norfo much as ofApology for himfelfe; what hefpakemore was only inway of humble fub- million toGod, ando ffel fe-abhorrence. Ihave much caufe to acknowledge the great goodiesofGod; as alfo his very gracious af- fiance