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Chap. 3o. An Expofition upon the Book of Jó B. Verf.8. 7r The bodyes of the mofi fin.lotie and holyMen are vile earth, but the finfullnefe and unholines oftaen,renders them viler then the earth. Abraham, beleeving Abraham, laid toGod ( ge,e.18. 27.) 1 >am but daft and a/hes : the belt of the Saints are but duft materially as God made them, and they arebut Mlles meritori- oufly, even they have defervod, that God fhould make them allies, that is, confume them in ar.d for their fin to Mlles, as he did Sodome, for which Abraham interceded when he made this confeflion, Iam daft and afhes. Now what is duft and afhes ? Daft is earth made by the beate of the Sun , and afhes is earth made by the beate of the fire ; He that is duft and afhes (fo the belt of Saints are ) is the fmalleft and vileft earth, yet the worPc ofSaints is not viler then the earth. Awicked man is earth, and not only fo hut he is viler then the earth. A Saint is made of vile earth, as the wicked are, in his naturali conftitution, but a Saint is made more excellent then the heavens by fpirituall rege- neration. Thus he is earth,and better thenearth.Awicked man is but madeof vile earth, yet himfelfe is viler then the earth ; he is . earth, yet worfer then the earth, yea work then hell, by morall corruption. Grace fees us above the earth, he is heavenly that is godly : fin fees us below' the earth, he is hellitth that is wicked, and fo is viler then the earth. A wicked man bath hell in his fóule, as he bath earth in his body : but a Godly man hath hea- ven in his foule, while he bath a body of earth. The one is hea- venly minded, and the other is Earthly minded, or minds only earthly things; and to be earthly minded,4f to be he;lifhly minded ; That wifdome ( as the Apoftle ?awes fpeakes, Chap. 3. 15. ) to not from above, which Pets the mind upon-things below, yea it is not only (as he there adds) earthly and fenfuall,bot divelifh,and therefore, without doubt HelIifh. They were viler then the earth. There are yet other readings of the Text. Firft, fome thus ; AfiElimi e- They werefmitten out of theeartb.Secondly.Mr.Broetghton thus t extorter. Theywere banilhed from the earth : A third to the fame fence; t n et:Kli eran They were mcs` miferable wanderers ; and fo a fourth, They were a. terra at fmitten andraft out"ofthe earth; and a fifth, with blows or Pipes )r%r they were drivenfrom the earth : The reafonof theft various tran- Et. /Ii corn flations ís becaufethe word here uric!. fignifies to finite as well as werb;r'°' terra. Scull, to