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'Chap. 30. An Expofition upon the Boere of J o B. Verf. 9. 73 ceeds to fhew how they derided him, or what affronts and inju- ries they put upon him, what hard thoughts they had of him in the 941 and loth verfes. Thefe were of three forts. Firft, In words, in the 9th verfe, And now 1 ano their fang, yea 1am their byword. Secondly , In heart, at the r o'h verfe, They akhorre met. Thirdly , In deed, or in act ; and that two wayes ; firf, re- filling his fociety, they fleefarfrom sae; fecondly,abufing his per- fon, and (pare not tofpit in myface. In this 9th verfe he delcribes the abufes they put upon him in their words, and evill fpeakings. Verf. 9. e/ind not- I am their font. They fpake like themfelves, they were bale, and they fpake bafely. ( Ifa. 32.6.) The vileperfan twill fpeale virlsaúy. Thefe perlons were viler then the earth, and that theywere fo, their fpeech bewrayed them : They fpake nothing but viilany. And now (faith lab) 1am their fang. There is an Emphals upon that now ( as was noted at the firft verfe ) Intimating that the timewas when nonedurft orwould be fo bold with him ; time was when good men honoured and reverenced him , and the woreofmen, they who refpefted himnot for his goodnes,were yet afraid ofhis power, but Now ( faith he) in this time of my aftlicîion, now I am bound up inmifery, they rake liberty to a- bufe me and offer me any injury ; 1am their font, that is, I am Hi fungi qui me the matter or fubjetff of their fong, they make longs, they make Hunt cantit fcoffing longs upon me and my afflic`Iions. The word notes /ant. nez, Tongs notonly lungwith the voyce, but play'd upon an Inftru- De e0 faciebant ment ofmuficke. For both the Aht of the Mufitian in playing, d enaaorAgp¡n and the Mufitian himfelfe, as alto his Inftrumenr,are Expreft by t S ,ha poprie this word in feverall formes, efpecially in the titles of Davids erujtca pulfario Pfalmes (°Pfal. 4 Tfal. 6. Tfal. 54. Pfal. 6L. &c.) To the nom j chiefsMufitian upon Neginotb, a muficall Inftrument fo called. qui moanpuifit otn 1am their on Not only a long lung with the voce but a infframenta. f g Y $ $ yc , Drufe long played, implying that towindup their fpirirs to the higheff peggeofvaine mirth at 7obt mifery, they nos only made Tongs ofhim, but playd themupon an. Inftrument; Firft Hence obferve ; Vngodly men defpife thegodly, though deeply aflitted.Tht