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Chap. 3o. An Expof tion upon the Booke of J o B.. Verf. 9, man, is to deride the will of God all over, or quite throt{gh. Which will yet further appeare in the next obfervation. Thirdly , In that lob charges them with this as a proofe of their unmanly baféneffe Obferve ;. 'Tie not only impiety but Inheemanity to rejoyce at the afflifli- one of others. Though the Jewes, when Titus and his Romane Army be. fieged ?erufalem, had mightily provoked him by their obainata oppoficion and refufal of Articles, for a faire forrender Of the place yet when he Paw the extremities to which they were re- duced, and the inexpreffiible fufferings of all forts of people, he could not but expreffe forrow, and fbed teares at the fight of fo much death and blood shed in the midit of his conquered enemies. Notonly grace bút good nature (as we fay) or Com- mon Ingenuity teacheth us to pity thole that are lick, and to mourne with thofe that mourne : meere heathen Moralifts teach us to rejoyce in the joy of others, and to be afflifted in their -forrows. Is it not abominable to fee z hriitians aet the Counter part, either forrowing at the ;oyes, or rejoycing at the forrows of their brethren 1 Among all the mixt afe&ions, that's of the worft compofition, which is made up of joy and hatred, when atxetpsxx- moved with hatred we are gladded with another mans celamity; xtx o t affeflus This is the proper affeêtion ofDevils, or wicked.fpirits. As they ex A, garf are moil like the Devill, who doe mifchiee to pleale themfelves ri óa maq as well as to hurt others ; fo they are net: in likenefs to him r" ci h vet(iu- who pleafe themfelves in Peeing mifchiefe or hurt befall others. »r gio. If the Devill have any Joy, it is in the mifery that man fuffers; rura ea!an aaa- This is avice rare among Heathens, and it fhould be the abhor- ? E rence of Chritians. ti Jp7 ; is diaboioru,n Yea Iam their by-word: Or, Iam to them for a word.' Magir. phy1. This expreffion was opened ( Chap. i6. ver. t7. ) therefore rn c,mmnnr, I (half but briefly touch it here. obi being aby-word, notes two kee6prur eJobi things. infsrtaasijs, in- Fitt Frequency of fpeech about him, or that he was,much ducenres earn intheir difcourfe; a thing or perion much and often fpoken of io exemplum is a by viord ; As if hehad faid,Nothing was fo commonly talked rija. Again. 77