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°7g Chap, 30. .1n Expofitien upon the Took of Jo a. Ve fr g. of, as my Calamity, and my felfe. I am the common theame. Nhi! tam vut- Secondly As it notes frequency of (peaking, fo Contemp. tare sc tritum tuons fpeaking,or fpeaking of another in fcorne,bothmeet here; quam Jobo ca!a I am their b word : they often talke ofme, and the tnítas ¡ prabeo y' Y y talke of me i!lís garrieadi defpitefully, fcornfuily ; Their word, are reproaches and their a gumentum, fpealangs of me defpitings. Ea. Hence obîerve ; The great falls of noen, Efhecially the falls ofgreat men are muchfpokenof, but little confidered by the Common fort of Ten. They are much fpoken of; yea they are Conremptuoufly fpo- ken of, I might adde, they are lightly fpoken of, or they are fpoken ofwithout due Confideration. David faith (T¡.d.69. r.) I made fackcleath my garment, and I beca'rne a p overb, or a by-word to them; that is, they talked mu ::h of one. Againe ( v. 26.) They perfeeute him whom thou fi ¡mitten, and they talke to the griefe of tile whirrs thou hall vcundeal : it is an tack matter to talke much of, boat ahard tiring to make a right ufe of the fufferings of others. Few improve their brethrena tufferings, either to the gloryofGod, or to the good of their own fouies. As there is a voyce in the rod w-h i; h (mites our (elves, fo in that with which we fee our brethren fnitten ; And therefore were we wife,when we fpeake of the fufferingsofothers,we (hould (peake of them, not ro defpife them, but to Irfiruä and admonifh our felves by them. As all the examples of the ju^gcrnenrs of God upon his people in former times that are written, were written for our Infiru cion and admonition (r Cor. ro. r r.) not to make a Common difcourfe or Table talke of them , but for o1r learning; fo the prefenedifper<fñtionsofGod are for our Infiru e ton too. How fad is it to heare tnoft moil reporting fad provi- dences, while they doe it,.either to pleafe themfeives,or reproach thofe who are fallen under them. Juft as we may conceive robs enemiesdifcourfrng ofhim and his fufferings in their meetings; Friends, neighbours, have you not heard what u befallen yob? or have 3:u ;act heard haw yob isfallen ? he lately was rot affarre, yea as the Sun )hivingbright in thefirmament of the State ; what' thinks yetfriends, reighbours,nf thefuddaine ravine anddownfall of this man ? Mow firangely ¡a he cafl downe ? he that had faich an ;lbws-