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.Chap. 3e. An Expofftion upon the Booke of J o a., bly they phancied fuch as had theybin true would havemade him abominable ; but that which was both reali and vifible, his poore forlorne condition, might flirre up in their proud hearts an ab- horrence of him. Againe, we abhorre things or perlons under a threefold motion : Firíl, As infectious ; Thus we abhorre Chafe that have the nlague, the leprocy, or any other contagious dill cafe ; Secondly, we abhorre thofe things which Come call un- lucky, as if the meeting or fight of them did forelpeake fome evil! ready to fall upon us. Thirdly, we abhorre that which is rnonftrous, deformed, or mifhapen ;'Tis not improbable, that thofe bale menmight abhorre yob under the firft and !aft, ifnot under all thefe three Confiderations ; For his difeales and fores werevery offenfive, if not infectious; and they had rendred him very unpleafing,doubtlefle and deformed to the eye, as if he had been fome mifhapen Image ofa man, rather then a living man: for thefe reafons they, who in the z9th Chapter honoured him, as ifhe had been more then a man, now abhored him as if he were notonly below, or leffe then a man, but Tome hateful! or hurtful! beaft. Hence obferve firít. Nothing it moreuncertaine then honour among men. The fame perfon continuing allo the lame for his fpiritualls and moralls, may beadmired today, andabhorr'd to morrow. Secondly, Obferve; tiKo.1 menfancy to then/elves horrid andmeffruous notions of thofe that are under terrible and /oro fudgements. What kindof man is this ( thought they) with whom God deales thus ? Many forme and fhape their thoughts of the man fuffering, according to the idæa or patterne of thofe things which he fuffers , as hath been (hewed from other paffages of this Booke. Thirdly , Note ; tAfaîty are abhorr'damong men, who arehighly honoured and loved by God. God loth not abhorre but love the righteous whom he finites, though mendoe ; They lie in his bofome, and are in his very