Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

90 Supralaprarians charge not God us creator eft: fednano ab eo ideo creatus efi ut periret; quia alia eft caufa nafcendi, & aliá.è eft pereundi. Ve enina na f antur homìnes, con- ditoris eft benefcium; utautempereant,preva-, ricatoris eft meritum. God created forAngels not-predeft nate unto eternal' life whom he forefaw would runne themfelves upon the rock of eternal' death ; concerning whom he de- creed abfolutely to permit their apoflafìe, and to damne them for their apoflafie : and yet no man that underflandeth what hé faith, will fay that God created them to the end he might torment them. There is the fame reafon of Non-elecîion or Non-pre- deflination ofmen; and it is as much againff found reafon to fay, that their Non-election inferreth, that God created them to the end he might damne and torment them. The root from whence this groffe mil- take fpringeth is this, That forne falfely conceive, that God in thedecree of Repro- bation or Non-eletion doth by as effeecu all means intend to bring men to their da- mnation as in the decreeof Election he in- tendeth to bring others to falvàtion. But the thing is farre otherwife : falvation is a benefit undue to any mari : therefore God may abfolutely intend the bellowing of it upon any man, and the withholding it from any man : But damning or torturing ofmen in