Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

with mans deflru lion. in hell is a punifhment ; and therefore the inflicting thereof cannot be intended but with relation to a fault. Again, the means wherebymen are brought to falvation, are bone 6- dona gratuita ; and therefore they mnft he derived unto us by an influence and effeátuall operationof God : But the means whereby men are carried unto damnation, are mala fpiritualia & voluntaria, they are their own defective, and depraved actions; And therefore they are not means whereby God diredeth them unto their damnation ('whó cannot be the authour of any finfull ad or defeét) but they are the mifdeferts which God permitteththem to fall into,and in the due punifhment whereof he . intend- eth to exercife his juftice. No crueltie there- fore in the decree of Non- eleaion. or nega- tive Reprobation. God never refolved upon the eternall de- flrulion ofan innocent foul : But God re- folved topermit fome of thofe Angels and menwhom he created innocent and righte- ous, to do that which procured their own deftrution; and he refolved to prefers:e force others from procuring their own de- ftrution, and infallibly to bring them to the íftate ofglorification. And unto thefediffe- rent decreeswe give the different names of Election, Preterìtion or negatíve'Peproation, To EleC or Not-clew is an at of Gods Save