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with mans deflrué°ZOnno 97 luntatis fui arbitrio creavit adperditionem, heare what he faith for hiinfclf , u Etfe quid uVidecnth; De æterrz. toti humano generifutururn e t Dees abinitio Dei prou. decrevit, h&c tamers loquendi ratio nufgaama- Faa.7; 5 pudme occurret, F Q N E M CRE AT I o N I s Es- SE JETERNUM INTERITUM. And in the fame treatife he granted], that bothangels and menwere deflinated to deflrudion z fu- Yp,ag.737 turc defe1ionis refpec u. If therefore any writers amongft the Proteflants have made the Creation of the Non-e1eCt a means by God himfelffubordinatedunto theirdamna- tion,and the Damnationoffuckan end dei- red and aimed at byGod, and confequently the means of mensdamnation C namely fin- full Corruption and voluntary Rebellion ) procured or wrought by Godas the authour thereof; they deferve rather to bebranded then patronized by any judicious Divine. Yet it becometh orthodox Divines to be carefull as well in mainteining the free and fpeciall mercy of God in giving Nth, re- pentance and perfeverance to the Elegy, as in mainteining the jufliceof God in thepu- nifhnient anddamnation of theNon-elegy . Thedefenders ofconditionate Prede1:inati- on may fuppofe theyclear themfelves well in the latter; but we are fire they flick in the Semipelagian briers as concerning the fer- nier. For ifGod upon the forefight ofmens faith and perfeverance be induced to pre. G deili