Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

I ANIIViADVERSIONS upon a Treatife lately publilh, ed and intitled, 9ods love to e annd Manifefted by difproving his Abfoluté decree for their Damnation. Hof. 13, 9. o Ifracl, thou halt de(troyed thy Pelf : but in me is thy help. Wifd. I. 12, 13. Seele not death in the erreur ofyour life; and pull net upon your(elves de/fruition with the works ofyour hands. For God madenot death : neither bath he pleafiste in the destruThon of the living. Concerning' the Tide of this book, = ;Ie generali love of God towards mankind is fo clearly teftified in holy Scripture , and fo demon- ftrated by the manifold effe6ts of Gods goodneffe and mercy extended to every particular man in this world, that to doubt thereofwere infidelity, and to dense it, plainblafphemie : yet for all this, if any lhail go about to magnifie the common love of God extended promifcuoufly to A all