Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

Concerning all men, that thereby he obfcureth the fpe= ciall love and mercy of God prepared from all eternitie and bellowed in due time upon ele6t men, this may lead the ignorant and Unlearned into a dangerous errour : And therefore obliquely to oppofe the eternall, free and abfolute decree of Predeflinatión or Elelian under colour ofdifapprovïng an abfolute decree for any mans Damnation, befitteth not any Divine who acknow- ledgeth the truth of that dorinewhich the Scriptures have delivered , St Augulline cleared, and the Church of England cfla- blifbed in the xviith Article.. But if the Au- thour of this treatife had no other aim , then the overthrowing of fuch an eternall decree of Predeflination and Preteritionas is fondly fiappofed will fave men whether they repent or not repent, believe or not believe, perfevere or not perfevere ; and fuch an abfolute decree of Reprobation as will damne men though they fhould repent and believe, or will hinder any man from repentingand believing, or will caufe and work any mans impenitency or infidelity; we bothwith, and (hall endeavour together with him to root fuch erroneous fanfies out of all Chriftian minds. The place cited out of Flofea, with ma- ny others which might be alledged, will eafilyprove that Man is the authour of his o1n