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102 Saprdlap f rims charge not God a paffionate with preferre the condition of not being before the condition of fuch a wofull being. And the reafon hereof is, be- caufe mans underr(anding doth not onely conceive ens & donum nature, but ens & bo- num rationis. And thus though Not-being or Annihilation after being received,contem in themno pofitive or naturali goodneffe for which they canbe defirable, yet they may be reprefented to the underrlanding as nega- tions or ablations of thegreater( evil, and fo per accidens they may be will-led rather then lying under thofe eternall evilsbefore men- tioned. But if in cogitation we feparate the infinite evil of Sinne andof the Divine Ha- tred, and fhould leave aman under never fo great torments, Annihilation were in right reafon to be conceived a greater evil then thofe torments: neither ought a man to de- fire the loffe of his being (inwhich many benefits bothcorporali and fpirituall are in- bjideRuit. volved) to efcape the fenfe of painbynot De vaunt. being , which is a totali deprivation of all De,difp: Godsbenefits) and art abolition of the per- 34.§.3. n. 16 p.6zO. fon who defireth it b. p Athei/is and Epicures , who believe no fuch thing as the Immortalitie of the foul, or enduring eternal punifhments after death, will fcoff and laugh at the`quef(ion it felf, and will beneither incouraged nordifcoura- ged which way foeverit be decided. Yet it is A .: