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withmans de(truUion. is difcretion inDivines fo to temper their dif putations that they give no occafion unto any of fleighting or extenuating the infinite mifery of hell-torments, which no under- ftanding of man conceiveth unto their full height. Thofe who defend the Elate of man in Hell - torments to have more good-in it,then the eftate of Not-being or Annihilation, ground themfelves upon this main reafon, That Ens &Bonumconvertutor, and who- foever reteineth a being is not onely capable of good, but isactually indowed with force good; whereas that which is refolved into nothing, is neither indowed with any good, nor capable of the leaft good. And-it is in- deed abufiva comparatio to fay,that Judas ne- ver created, or after his creation annihilated, is in a better cafe then Judas eternally tor- mented; becaufe Judas nevercreated, or Ju- das annihilated, cannot be compared with Judas exfifling, either in happineffe or un- happineffe. The former Judas is onely a feigned imagination in the brain, and bath no realitie anfwering the name of the per- fon: the latter Judas is a, reall fubfiffent per- fon capable of reali happineffe or mifery. Men font comparabiles res qua nonPunt ejuf demgeneris. Omne comparabile eft univocum. Judas being is a true man, but Judas annihila- ted whom they put in the other fcale of G 4 corn- 103