Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

withmans def ru ian. Had God yielded unto Jobs paffionate with, the comparifonwouldnot have flood betwixt his Being and Not-being; but be- twixt his Being miferably vexed in oneBate and his Being acquit from thofe vexations in another. Though the Being of any thing is akind of goodnelfe , and the foundation or rece- ptacleofall other good, yet take Beingprt- fcindendo abomnifuperadditabonitate,and bur- denedwith all fortsof evil, and then there is in it nomotiveunto appetibility for a reafo- nable creature. This is clear in thofe exter- nall things which wepoffeffe and ufe. If a mans horfehave themere goodneffe ofBe- ing left him, and be troubled with manifold incurable difeafes and perpetual! lameneffe, theowner rather defireth his not-being then his fo-being. It is clear alto in a mans bodi- lymembers ; for no man is fo in love with the bare Being of a leg or anarm, but if it want the-goodneffe of ftrength and motion, and be affected with the evils of rottenneffe and extremeanguifh, hewould rather chufe to lofe the Being of thofe members, then tohold them under conditionof a perpetu- al! and fo ill affeaed Being. And tocome to the foul it felf, themere Being thereof in rerum natura, utterlyandeternally feparated from thenatural! & fupernatural Wel-being thereof, and burdened with theevils of fin- full 105