Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

1e6 Supralapfarians Charge not God full pollution, of the Divine deteftation, andofthe hellifh vexations, is not nor can- not beprefented unto the underftanding and will ofadamned man as an objet lovely or defirable. It is likelyenough therefore,that all the damned are wearyoftheir Being, and wifli rather theirNot-being : yet even to them in their wofull eftate, Not-being is not perfe and properly the obje&oftheir defire, but onelyperaccidés,in as much as the remo- vall ofevils bath rationemboni; and this they conceive will be efFeeted in their annihila- tion. And the very ablation ofevils is not properly and primarily defirable for it felt, but it is defired out ofa love to thofe oppo- lite good things whereof thofe evils have deprived a man : As he that defireth tobe freed from fi ckneffe, is properly in love with the Beingof health, improperly with the Not-being of fickneffe: for that which bathno being cannot have a good being; and that which bathno kindof good being confìderable in it, hath no power todraw the will toaífet it. It is not therefore (im- ply Not-being which any damned and tor- tured man preferreth and ele&eth before Being, but it is Not-being in pain and tor- ments which he preferreth beforeBeing in bDe lib. pain and torments. This is it which Saint arbir.3.6. Auguftine intended in faying, b Si quis dixe rit, Non effequàm mifirumme efe mallem, re- fpondebo, Mentiris. It