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withnuns deiruaion: 109 Being : whereas in deed and truth it is (as Auguftine fpeaketh) d naturale defideriurn d rbiL quietis, which is the deferable objet the will ofa damned man longeth for, and not the Rate ornnimoote defee7ionis, or annihila_ tionis. Now he that defireth his eafe or quiet, doth not aim at a Not-being, but at a Not -being-tormented. e Aram quad quietum a tbid. eft, non eft nihil; im®magzs e.FF quám id quad inquieturn eft. Though we hold it an abufive compari- fon to fay, Judas is better when hebathno be- ing, then when he hath an ill being ; yet be- caufe evils are meafured by the degrees of the oppofite good things whereof they de- prive men, and fupernaturall good things, fuck as are the fruition ofGodand heavenly }oyes, are infinitely better then the fruition ofnaturali Being ; we muff needs judge the privationoffupernaturall wellbeing,which confiffeth in being eternally banifhed from the beatificall presence ofGod, and eternal- ly tortured in hell, to be a greaterevil then the loffe of our naturall Being. If therefore GodMould put it to the choiceofJudas, or any damned man, and fay, Choofe whether thouwilthave meabolifh thee into nothing, or continue thybeing as it is, in the flare of fnne, and thyperfon as it is, in the fate of enrnitie with me, and thy body and foul in the flare of endleffe torments ; I think he would