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'1°8 Supralaprari-ans ch4rgenot Gad from it, wherewith formerly it was incur- bred ; and in both changes the fubjeft muff remain : Now Annihilation or Not-being bringeth no perfeaion to any man nor ta- kethany imperfeóion from him, but it ta- keth him quite away frombeing the fubjeCt either of good or evil : and therefore it cannot give a true denomination of being better or worfe. As for the rule, Melius eft e/fe quàm non effe ; it is moll certainly and univerfally true. Forotherwife Godwould never fromMon- effe or out of nothing have produced all things which are into that Being or effe which they havesneitherwould he preferve the effe of men damned. Yet we confeffe withal!, that this or that particular perfon may be through his own default under fo many evils contrary to his Well-being, that he may fanfie a Not-being more eligible for him then that lamentable and wofull Being wherein he fublifteth. I call this a fantaflicail ratherthen 'a reali and true ele&i- on For if filch a man fhould be asked, What is it which you have preferred in your choice e he muff anfwer, Nothing. t Arig. De Nam qui eligit non effe, profec oßnihil elí- lib.arb.1.3. gere, etiarnfa:hoc nolit refpondere, convincitur. 6' $' !Not-being, therefore is, but out of a mere deceived fanfie oftheman in torment_lcon- ceived to be it which he preferreth before I3bing: