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112 Supralapfarians charge God the (laughter of any man ; but God wit- leth the jufl punifhment of many men. God is willing to fave all men, ifthey re- pent and believe. And God hath anabfo- lute will ofworking repentance and faith in force men', and fo ofworking their falvati- on. Were God thus defirous to fave all men , he were not abfolutely happy, for he wanteth part ofhis happineffe that wanteth his defires. Toomuch painshathbeen taken to prove aconclufion , which thofe who hold abfo- lute Predeflination and negative Reproba- tionmay as fafely grant as thofe who hold conditionall upon theforefeengood and bad a6ts of men ; which Profper himfelf op- pofed as a Semipelagian errour, and our Church hathalwayes related. Treatif . ciEcoNDLY, this opinion (A) chargeth God with mens k)Sinnes on earth; and maketh him the Authour, not of the firft finne onely that entred by Adam into theworld, but of all other finnes that have been, are or ¡hall be committed to the worlds end : No murders, robberies, rapes, adulteries, inCur- re&ions, treafons, blafphemies, herelies, perfecutions, or any other abominations whaefoever, fall our at any time or in any place, but they are the neceffaryproductions of Gods almigh- ty decree. The Scriptures, I am Cure, teach usanother leffon. Thou art not 4 God (faith David) that bath plea(ire in wie- Itedneue. And the Prophet Play telleth the people that when they did evil in the fight of the Lord, they did choofe the things which he would not.. Let no manfay when he is tempted, Iam temptedof God: for God cannot be temptedwith evil, neithee tempteth be any man : But every man rs tempted when he is drawn away with bis owig concup:fcence. And S. John having PjaP.s. 4. ,E(Qy66.4. ana.i.T3, i4.