Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

the ride. own finne and the procurer of his own damnation, and God onely the Judge and punifher:. But withall they prove as clearly that Man is not the procurer of his own Predeflination, nor the deferver of his own Salvation byhis forefeen faith and perfeve- rance : but God is he who according to his abfolute and infallible purp'ofe giveth in time that grace unto his elea which before all time he decreed should be an effechuall means tobring themuntoglory. To the Reader. THe .Authour of this Treatife wasperfwaded to penne the reafons ofhis opinion again(i abfolute 7{eprobation, ¡bat he might fatisfie a worthie friend of hie, who required it. what fatisfattion that learned gentleman, his friend , hath received by theferea(ons,I know not: but fuse Iam,, theyhave given goodcontent to force others, who have read them, and do dill dejare a copie of them for their further ufe. To eafe whofe pains in transfcribirg this treatife,it doth nowappear in this form. Ifany of contrary opinion Pall undertake to anfwer or refuteit, I wifbhewould fet down his opinion and reafonswith that perfpicuitie andmodeflie that our Authour bath fet down his. Such a courfe ofdifputing will gain more credit to himfelfand bis caufe, then voluminous vagaries a- bout impertinent things.' If any ¡hall ufe railingfpeeches, or nnneceffary diverfions from the caasfe,'I(hall ever interpret that tobe afirong fagne of a weak caufe ; or at leaft I fha/J thinkit to be an argument ofan obftinatemind, who neither knoweth how to yeeld to the truth nbr to defend his errour. X hope the Reader who loveth his own falvation will bea more indifferent judge in a queftionwhich concerucihhim fo nearly. endfo l leave him to Gods blef.ing.