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12o Supr414pjdrians charge God hash no influence at all' upon the finne : it is an antecedent` onely, and fuch a one too, as being put, finne'folIQweth not of necefììtie. And therefore it is fitly (P ) contradiftin. guithed to an operative decree. And if that fide "would in good earnefi impute no more in finnefull events to the Di- vine power then the word Termiffon importeth, 'their main eonclufton would fall, and the controverhe between us end. But, I. Manyofthem reje& this difiinecion utterly, and will have God to decree finne efficaciter, with an ,energeticall Collaq.Mom4 and working will. Witnel% that difcourfe of Beza, where- pel.z. per ' inhe averreth and laboureth to rove that God Both not pag.177. onely permit finne, but will it alfo : ¡ndwitneflle Calyine. too, who hatha whole Sel ion againf} it, calling it a carnal diftináion, invented by the fiefh, and effugium, a mere eva- Czty. Ina it, lion to fhift off this teeming abfurdicie, That that man 1.4. c. is. is made blind volente & jubente Deo, by Gods will and Set`l.I,&z. commandment, who muff thortlyafter be punifhed for 'his blindnefle. He calleth it alto figmentum, a fiaion, and faith 'they do ineptire, play the fools, that ufe it. By manyreal.. fons alto Both he indeavour to lay open the weaknefièof ir, taxing thole who underfiand fuchScriptures as (peak of Gods fmiting men with a fpirit of flumber and giddineffe, of blinding their minds,infatuating and hardening their hearts, bl don ibid. &c. ofa pet-miff-ion andfuffering of men tobe blinded and t: z. C. 4. hardened. b Ninsis frivola eft ilia folntio, faith he, This Sett. 3. is too frivolous a glofle. In another place he blanaeth thofe that referrc finne to Gods prefcience onely cal-. ling their fpeeches argutihe, tricks and quirks whichScrip= tute will not bear; and thole likewife that afcribe it to c Similiter Gods permiflion : and faith, c What they bring touching tluoddeper- the Divine pereniffïon in this bufineffe will not hold mifiione af- water. ferunt, dilu- 2. They that admit the word Permi sve dovvillin tins eftquim i i 2) P- ut fubfiftat. lymiftake it, and while (rq keepoff this blow) they ufe the word, they corrupt the meaning. For j, Permiffon is an ad of Gods confequent and judiciary u, ill, by which he punifheth men for abufìng theirfreedome, and committing fuck firmes day by day as they might have avoyded, and to which he proceedeth lento gradu, flowly and unwil. Jingly, as we may fee Pfalni. 8 i. I t, n a. Ifrael would none of ttae i fo I gave them up, &c. Ezek. 18. t9. Go and ferve (very one his idole, fecit:g ye gill avt obey, me,