Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

1a8 Stopralapfarians chdrgenot God fend againfr theerrour of the Semipelagians and Remonílrants, who (rive tobring-in a Predeftination or Eleaion wherein God feeth faith and perfeverance in certainmen going before Predeftination, and doth not prepare it for them in eternitie by hisfpeci- all adofPredeflination, nor bellow it Upon them in due time , as a confequent effet of his eternall Predeflination. O&fcrv. Thirdly it is to be obferved ,: that our M. I Church, in not fpeaking one word of Re- probation in the Article, would have us to be more fparing indifcuffing this point then that other of Eleaion ; quite contrary to the humour ofthe Remonitrants, who hang back when they are called todifpute upon Predeftination , but will by no authoritie be beat-off from ruffling at the firft daft) up- on the point ofReprobation. But further from hence we may well col- led , That our Church, which byPrede- flination underffandeth a fpeciall Benefit out of Gods mercie and abfolute freedome abfolutely prepared from all eternitie, and in time bellowed infallibly upon the Elea, wouldhave us conceive no further of the fi- lenced decree of Reprobation , then the Not-preparingoffuch efreauall grace, the Not-decreeing of fuch perlons unto the in- fallible atteinment of Glory, the decreeing topermit them through their own default- defervedly