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withmens finnes. 127 'well be fufpedled allo in the point of Re- probation, which mull have its true mea- fure taken from that other. Secondly, take notice, what the word obferv. Abfolute importeth, when it isapplied unto IL the eternal! and immanent ads or decrees of the Divine Predeftination. 'Not (as the Remonflrants continuallymiftake it)' a per emptorie decree of faving perlons eleted whether they believe or not believe, nor yet a decree of forcing or necef statingpre- declinate perlons unto the-ads ofbelieving, repenting , perfevering , or walking in the way which leadeth unto everlaf}ing.life but a gracious and abfolute decree of be- llowingas well Faith, Repentanceand Per- feverance, aseternall life, uponall thofe to whom in hiseverlaíling purpofe he vouch- fafed the fpeciall benefit ofPredeflinatión. And that God can and doth according to his eternal! purpofe infallibly work faith and perfeverance in the elect without any coalion or necefiitation of mans will is agreed upon by all CatholickDivines, and was never oppofed but by Pelágius. And this abfolute intending of eternall life to perlons elehed, and abfolute intending of giving unto filch the fpeciall grace ofa per- feverant Faith, is that Abfolute Predeflina- Lion which our Mather the Church hath commended tintous,and which we mull de- fend