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13o Supralapfarians charge not God brine of S. Augttfline approved anciently by the catholick Church, and till this new- fangled age generally and commonly al- lowed and embraced both by the Roma- nifts andby theProtellants. Penottus, who would faindenie negative Reprobation, yet 3 Láb.7.cap is driven to confef e , Doc ores communiter 17 admittunt reprobationemnegativam, docéntque communiter obdurationem, feu permifsionem manendi inpeccato afquead mortem effeéium ofê hujus reprobationis. If the common opi- nionof Divines be, That permit ion of fi- nail continuance under theguilt of finne fol- loweth after thedecree of this negative Re- probation, then this Authour together with the Remonftrants , who acknowledge no decree of Reprobation but that which fol- loweth upon previfion ofmens finali Conti- nuance in finne , are wandred into a fingular opinionof their own. Thefe things premifed concerning the abfolute Predefination and Reprobation which our Engliíh Divines maintein , and theconditionate Predeftination and Repro- bation which force ofours have lately re- ceived out of Dutchland, all objetions fo . faire as they concern us are eafily anfwered. An Anfwer to the objection, That this opinion chargeth God with mens finnes. A erHe dotrine of abfolute Predefination doth make God the Authour of mans holineífe