Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

withmensfinñes. holineffe and happineffe, ofall Pavinggrace wherewith he is indued here , and of that eternall glorie which he obteineth hereaf- ter. And for this caufe efpecially we denie the Arminian Predellination built .upon forefeen as of mans free-will , becaufe it doth not fully and truly acknowledge the fpeciall mercieof Godeither in the election or falvation of the predeflinate. But for the do&rine of abfolute negativeReproba- tion , we utterly denie , that it chargeth God with or maketh him the authour ofanyfinne. It maketh God thedeterminer, not to prevent anymens finnes ; which eafily he could do, ifhe were refolved to Phew them fpeciall mercie : but it maketh not God the authour or neceffary producer ofany mans finnes which is a thing as unpoffible , as for the funne tobe the authour or producer ofdark- flare. And thereforewe willingly fubfcribe unto all which the f ripture or piortis Anti- guitie have Paid againft this errour. The comparifon made between God and the Devil is very odious and irreverent; and fo much the more, becaufe it is grounded upon a falfe imagination, That whatfoever events come into ad according to the eter- nal! and abfolutedecrees ofGod, are pro- duced by an irrefiftible power forcing the agents unto fuch anions how wicked fo- ever, But Gods 'providence doth farre I 2 other. I3I