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146 Supralapfarians charge riot God andholy purpofe ofGod.Where then is the irrefiftible necef itation of mans will, which this Authour alwayes prefumeth ( and ne- ver goeth about to prove) mull needs fol- low upon Gods abfolute decrees of infalli. blyworking good actions in the elect, and abfolutely permitting and powerfully dif- pofing of all the future bad a&ions which devils or men (hail commit to theend ofthe world Ad II. It is falle that the doL`lrine of abfolute I Predeftination and Reprobation maketh Godeither fo to over-rule the fupernaturall goodationsof the elect, o they cannot choof but do tis they do , or the bad and wicked aL`lions of the Non-elegy Abfolute Pre- deflination doth by the virtue of effe (hall grace fo rule and affeó the free-will of the predeflinate, that it caufeth them freely to do as they do. And abfolute Non-election or Reprobation doth fo permit the repro- bate to the guidance of their own defe- ¿ive will that freely and upon a delibe- ratechoife theydo as they do. Neither do t hey onely thinkor dream they have fuch a freedonie , hut their own experience and confcience affureth them that theyhave ir. ne fient. And therefore Ruiz d hath not unfitly de- iL'3. fcribed the Divine permiflion, which is made an effeé of negative Reprobation, to be decretum manens inDeo quo decernit non impedire