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aflfwered. their Mother, and had not taken a quite contrary courte , balking the dottrine of Predeftination , and breaking-in abruptly upon the doarine of Reprobation. I know not whether I fhould think him more defective , who in difputing about Reprobation runneth out into im- pertinent vagaries, or him that undertaketh the handling of this queftion without pre- rnifingand opening the true nature of Pre- deaination: And noman need fear but ( with all that are judicious, religious , and loving their own falvation) that manner ofhandling this controverfie will be bell accepted, Which fo reduceth mans Sinne and Damnation to himfelf, as withal! it forgetteth not to re- duce his Juftification, Sanlification, Glo- rification not to any forefeen goodneffe fpringing out of mans free-will, but to the free mercy of God , according to his eternall purpofe effetually working in men thole gifts and as of grace 'which are the means to bring them unto glo- rie. Having thus briefly fpoken of the Title and Preface, I will lay down fuch funda- mental! doetrines concerning Predeftinati- on orElehion as I conceive are grounded upon the xviith Article, and have alwayes been taken for the common received do- A 4 arine