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Propofations and Corollaries &nine of our Church ; the contradi6tory by our Univerfities and reverend Bifhops ( when they were broched) having been alwayes held and cenfured for erroneous. This done, I will go along with the Trea- tife it felf, not intending to defend the par- ticular opinions of any forrein or home- bred Divines, exorbitant from the doctrine of our own Church, but onely to defend our well-fettled doctrine againft all oppo- fers of what names or fens foever: Propofitions concerning the natureof Prede- flination,andwherein itproperly confaft- eth, with certain Corollaries apper- teining thereunto. Propof. DRedeftination is an eternal! decree or purpofe of God, in time caufing effeEtu all grace inall thofe whom he hathchofen, and by this effeEtuall grace bringing them infallibly unto glory. For proofof this propofition thefe pla- ces of Scripture might ferve; Rom. 8. 29, 3o . Ephef. r. 4, 5, &c. Luke 12.3 2.Matth. 24.24. The definitions of Predeftination prove the fame. As that of St Auguftine, De Bono Ferfeverantix,c.z4.of the Schoolmen;Pr-- paratio gratix in prefénti &glorix in futuro. r .q. 3Amongft the .reít, of Aquinas; a Predeflina- a7s. Z. do efl ratio ordinis aliquorum in (alutem deter- 774173