Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

s6o Suprdlaprarians charge not God % neffe as well as the freedome fhould be ma: nifefted. Nowhad not God cffablifhed any fuch permiffive decree , the frailtie and de.. ficiencie of the Creatures free-will could not have been difcovered either in men or angels. Now it is falte (which is fuppo- fed and here implied) that Gods determi- nation of mans will unto every particular a&ion is a neceflàry hindering of the liber- tie of the will unto all aäions fo predeter- mined. The Jefuites themfelves, whoop- pofe theDominicanes in th-°ir Phyficall. De- termination or Predefinition of mans will unto all as ofwhat kind foever, donot. - withflanding grant a Predefinition or Pre- determination unto good fupernaturall ads, and that without all impeachment to the li- bertie of mans will. To think therefore that God fhould repent his own ordin4cnce concerning mans libertie unleffe he leaveill his actions unto himfelf undetermined, and that Gods permiffive decree is founded up- on this reafon, is a flat miflake. And here I muff adde unto what bath been faid , That the Divine periniffion which adhereth unto thedecree of Repro- bation may be underffood two wayes. It may be taken either for that immanent and Trtii. de, eternal' decree quo decernit Deus non impedi- dirp.26 t repecc itíum , ' decernit ßdá uabony pere, l - cèt fciat iiorum occafionecommittendun; ej7 p îc.ß.atund 9