Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

withmens ftnnesá 159 thing wch could not pòffibly have been Ief- fened or any way blemifhed. The outward and temporali manifeflationof Gods glorie being in it felf a thingofno necef itie in re- gardofGod, it is fond to imagine that God ftandeth in need ofany fuch means for fet- ting-forthofhisglory, feeing thevery tem- porall fetting-forth ofhis glory is a thingno way needfull unto him.Weagree therefore, that God flands in no needof fin either for his glory as it is confidered in it felf,or asit is to be manifefted unto the creature: For God in his infinite wifdome could ( without the permiffionoffin) have found meansenough for Efficient illuflrationof his ownglory. Two other reafons are affigned by this Authour of the permiffion of finie : The one is , the great good which the moft wife God forefeeth he can, and the mofl graci- ous God determineth that he will bring out of the evil adions ofmen. The other is, 6e-- cauf man is by Godmadeafree Creature, unde- termined in his allions tillhe determine him f lf, and therefore may not be hindered from finning by omnipotencie. The former rea- fon we gaìnfaynot : The latter is neither fit- ly nor truly fet down. The full reafon is, Becaufe God who gave man a Free and yet a defeetive will, bath thought it fit that this will fhould produce her own as per modur" liberi agentis, and yet fo that the defeâive- neffe